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Feel the need to help humanity in life-saving ways?

Consider emergency medical services!

BCC is proud to offer excellent training for emergency services, providing skilled and dependable personnel for emergency forces in every environment. Emergency medical training is designed to provide an individual with the opportunity to gain technical information and skills in modern emergency medicine. Training in EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic is offered as well as continuing education classes required to maintain state certification.

Fire service training is designed to provide firefighters the opportunity to gain technical information and skills in modern firefighting through a variety of courses and practical exercises. Courses can be applied to certification as a firefighter, rescue technician, driver/operator, pump operations, aerial operations, and fire life safety educator I, II, and III. Certifications are awarded by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Office of the State Fire Marshal. Courses are offered on campus and at area fire departments.

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Paramedic Graduate Outcomes Summary

2014 2015 2016
Attrition 50% 35% 34%
Retention 50% 65% 66%
Pass Rate 100% 84% 100%
Positive Placement 100% 100% 94%


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